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FysioHolland has physiotherapy practices spread throughout the Netherlands. At FysioHolland, your physical health is in good hands. Under the guidance of your physiotherapist, you will work on an efficient recovery, so that you can quickly resume your daily activities without pain. With a personalized plan, made by our professionals, we work to improve your health and reduce pain together. In addition to your treatment, we work with innovative solutions such as the FysioHolland App and online homework exercises, so you can also exercise at home and work on your recovery whenever it suits you! Would you like to make an appointment right away? Please contact us at 088 374 16 00, send an e-mail to

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What can a physiotherapist do for you?

The physiotherapist is specialized exercise and mobility. This means that they can help you to reduce physical pain and improve mobility. Think of back, neck or shoulder pain, (sports) injuries, or when moving is more difficult or painful as a result of a chronic illness or condition (such as osteoarthritis, diabetes or Parkinson’s). Together, we determine the cause of the problem to then decide what treatment fits your personal situation, allows you to meet your goals and reduces your pain best. Our therapists look forward to guiding you in your path to recovery.

Your first appointment

FysioHolland focuses on quality care and personalized physiotherapy. This is why treatment by your physiotherapist always starts with an intake. During the intake, the physiotherapist will ask you some questions. For example, what is the intensity of the pain, how long have you struggled with it and what limitations do you experience in daily life because of it? Based on your answers and the physical examination, you set your recovery goal and personal treatment plan together with the physiotherapist. In addition to this plan, the physiotherapist will give you exercises, tips and advice so that you can improve your mobility. This way you can reduce symptoms and prevent future problems. With the FysioHolland App you can receive reminders for appointments and exercises and you will find instructional videos of the exercises.

Information about health insurance

FysioHolland has contracts with all Dutch health insurance companies. This means that you can always contact us if you have a Dutch health insurance. Ask your health insurance company to find out how many treatments you will be reimbursed for. Physiotherapy is reimbursed under the supplemental insurance. Don’t have a Dutch health insurance? Then these rates apply. For common injuries you do not require a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist.

“Because of physiotherapy I can play with my boys and I can even run five kilometers again. I will always have to pay attention and remain aware to the way I move. Staying active is very important. ”

Mother Quimby (36) rehabilitated after hernia surgery

Appointment physiotherapist

Contact one of our practices to make an appointment with the physiotherapist. 

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