FysioHolland has decided to stay open for anyone who wants (and is able) to come to their appointments on location. We also offer alternative ways of guidance for anyone who chooses to stay at home. We want to make sure that everyone stays as fit as possible during this time. Read about the precautionary measures we take on location and how to start digital therapy with video- and phone consults.

FysioHolland remains open, what precautionary measures are taken?

Our therapists will keep working on location. As long as you don’t show any signs of a cold or fever, you are welcome to come in. If you have returned from a high risk area longer than two weeks ago, but don’t show any of the symptoms of corona (fever, cold or respiratory issues), you are also welcome to come to your appointment. Not sure if you should come to your appointment? Please contact us.

We assure you that we take all the precautionary measures when it comes to the wellbeing of our clients and therapists. If your therapist is experience any health issues and is unable to help you at this moment, we will inform you directly. We will try to find another solution together.

Online physiotherapy: a video- or phone consult

Your therapist can discuss your progress via telephone and send you exercises via email or the FysioHolland App. They can also arrange for a video consult. This type of therapy is approved by your health insurance for compensation. Please contact us for more information.

How does a video- or phone consult work?

With a phone consult, your therapist will contact you at your phone number. They will discuss the status of your treatment, your current issues and your progress. They can then send you exercises via email or the FysioHolland App.

We understand that you might have questions about the video- or phone consult, as this is a relatively new concept in physiotherapy. Please contact your therapist for more information. Is this your first time at FysioHolland? We are happy to help you at a location close to you. Please check this page for the therapist closest to you. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.